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Jan 19


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Increased resolutions and responsive designs make it possible to improve typography, which is why that is one of the web design trends we simply must include here. Typography can be more colorful and stand out. It can make a statement. Two trends that I’ve seen with typography are the use of serifs and hand-writing. Each have specific uses.

Serifs help improve legibility. They were removed previously due to lower resolution screens and screen size. Screen resolutions and sizes are getting larger. Also, layout designs are cleaner and leave room for more elegant fonts. Expect to see serifs more often within the content itself.

Handwriting is more personal. If it’s done correctly, it’s pretty and adds a special touch to a website. Just like serifs, the challenge is to keep the style legible and readable on small screens. Hand-writing will mostly be used in logos, headers, post titles, menus, business cards, and so forth.

One thing to consider is more users are consuming content on mobile devices. Unfortunately lower end devices, such as the Fire HD 10, display lower resolutions. This is more noticeable on larger screens because they have a lower pixel density due to having the same resolution as their smaller counterparts. One solution is to display typography based on the screen resolution. This means serifs and handwriting would display on mobile devices for high-res screens while screens with lower resolutions could receive a font that’s more suitable to its resolution. Of course server speeds and load time have to be taken into consideration.

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